Beautiful 2” Zebra Jasper Crystal Skull, Home Decor, Gemstone, Carved Crystal, Healing Crystal


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Zebra Jasper holds the energy of balance, uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. It also balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional and etheric bodies.

Jasper was revered by Native Americans for its healing power, and was used by ancient Egyptians to increase sexual energy. Shamans considered Jasper to be sacred for its powerful protection. The ancients used Jasper as an aid for safe astral travel (placing it on the heart and navel chakras before astral travel).

Zebra Jasper is a very grounding stone that keeps one centered with the earth during spiritual work. Jasper stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect to smooth and eliminate undesirable energies. Zebra Jasper helps with depression and anxiety, imparting calm and tranquility. It absorbs negative energy, and reduces geopathic and environmental stress. It protects against negativity and negative

The skull pictured is the exact one you will receive.

Please take note of the measurements - Approx: 2” - this crystal skull may be smaller than it appears in the pictures.

Total weight: 95.5g

Colors may slightly differ from pictures.
Skulls may contain natural lines and imperfections in the stone. There may be small chips...that is due to the carving process

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