Beautiful Authentic Malachite Points, Crystal Point/Tower, Home Decor, Gemstone, Carved Crystal


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Powerful Protection Aids Imagination, Intuition & Creativity

Malachite has a strong energy with a power to protect you from negative entities. It also aids creativity and enhances the development of your intuition.
Perhaps its most powerful attribute is its highly effective action to protect you from negative energies, by creating a strong barrier around you energetically.

The tower pictured is the exact one you will receive.

All prices are based on weight and include shipping.

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1: Weighs 68g, measures approx. 3”

2: Weighs 55g, measures approx. 2.75”

3: Weighs 61g, measures approx. 2.5”

4: Weighs 54g, measures approx. 2.25” -

Crystal tower may be smaller than it appears in the pictures.

Colors may slightly differ from pictures.

Crystals may contain natural lines and imperfections in the stone. There may be small chips...that is due to the carving process.

Please message me if you need to see more pictures.

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